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The Vanguard Group

U.S. Post Office mail drop boxes near you

Last updated: 28 Feb 2014  TO - Internal Mail Supervisors, Ext. 16245

The following is a brief (but not all-inclusive) list of locations on or near Vanguard campuses for U.S Post Office mail drop boxes that crew members can use for personal outgoing mail.

Near the Malvern campus

  • Morgan Building (outside the courtyard entrance).
  • 16 Industrial Boulevard.
  • 65 Valley Stream Parkway.
  • Valleybrooke Corporate entrance (intersection of Matthews Road and Route 29).
  • Baxter's Restaurant (located near the intersection of Route 29 and Swedesford Road).

Near 14 Lee Boulevard

  • 2 Lee Boulevard.

Near the Robert A. DiStefano Technology Center, 400 Devon Park Drive, and 455 Devon Park Drive

  • 455 Devon Park Drive (outside the main entrance).
  • Southeastern Post Office.


  • 8175 E. Evans Road.


  • Water Ridge Parkway (behind the One North Falls building).