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The Vanguard Group

Family and Medical Leave Act Policy

Last updated: 26 Apr 2013  BenefitsMailbox, Ext. 34BEN or 800-407-8576

Scheduling FMLA leave

Our third-party disability management company, Sedgwick, is the administrator for leaves taken under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Follow the steps below to request FMLA leave and track your time off.

  • Notify your manager that you need to take leave time off. You should give 30 days' advance notice if the leave is foreseeable. If it is not foreseeable, you must provide as much advance notice as you can. In both situations, you are expected to follow Vanguard's usual call-in and reporting requirements. Note: In situations involving leave for planned treatment for a known medical condition, every reasonable effort to schedule medical treatment so that it does not disrupt business operations must be made before a leave will be considered.
  • Complete a VCAPS Leave Request PCN for Full Family and Medical Leave (a continuous block of time), or Intermittent Family and Medical Leave. This is how Vanguard Benefits is notified that you are requesting leave. This is a critical step as it will allow you to begin submitting FMLA time in Time & Labor, described under Tracking your time off below.
  • Contact our third-party disability management company, Sedgwick, to file a claim. Sedgwick will advise you and your manager of Sedgwick's decision regarding your claim.

To contact Sedgwick online:

    • Log on to https://viaoneexpress.sedgwickcms.net or https://viaoneexpress.sedgwickcms.net/vanguard.
    • Enter your User ID and Password, or select Create New User to set up your account.
    • If you selected Create New User, enter Vanguard's Client Number, 6042, select Claim, and click Submit.
    • After you complete and submit the form, you will see a confirmation page with your permanent claim number and next steps (i.e., call doctor, call supervisor, complete the forms, etc.).
    • Sedgwick will send you confirmation e-mails throughout the leave with the next steps that you need to take in order to continue the claim-filing process.

To contact Sedgwick by phone:

    • Call 800-495-2310. Agents are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Eastern time. The Sedgwick Interactive Voice Response system is available 24/7.

To contact Sedgwick by fax:

    • Dial 859-264-4375.
Sedgwick's address for mailing correspondence:
PO Box 14648
Lexington, KY 40512

Vanguard will send a Full Family Leave packet to your home address or an Intermittent Family Leave packet to your Vanguard e-mail address within one business day of the PCN being submitted. The packet will include:

For Intermittent Family Leave (IFMLA) requests:

  1. Vanguard FMLA Policy, if time is available.
  2. Vanguard FMLA Sign-off Form.

For Full Family Leave (FMLA) requests:

  1. Vanguard FMLA Policy, if time is available.
  2. Vanguard FMLA Sign-off Form.
  3. Vanguard Return to Work Note (if the leave is for your own medical treatment, not a family member's).
  4. Vanguard Benefits on Leave Election Form.
Sedgwick will send a packet to your home address within one business day of the claim file date. It will include the following documents:

  • Letter explaining their procedures.
  • Release of Information Form.
  • Medical Certification Form (for your physician to complete).

Sedgwick will notify you:

  • If you are eligible for FMLA leave, and they will provide a Notice of Eligibility and Rights and Responsibilities (referred to as "eligibility notice").
  • If your time off will be designated and counted as FMLA leave (referred to as "designation notice").
  • If they determine that the time off does not qualify as FMLA for one of the following reasons:
    • The leave is not for a reason covered by the FMLA.
    • Your FMLA entitlement has been exhausted.
    • You and/or your physician have provided insufficient information.

If the claim is not approved, your request for FMLA will be denied. In that case, you will need to account for your time out of the office in another way or file for another type of leave.

Sedgwick will advise your manager of their decision in order to confirm next steps.

Tracking your time off

FMLA leave time is tracked differently depending on what type of FMLA leave you are taking.

Full Family and Medical Leave

  • Payroll Services will track your FMLA leave time to ensure that you are paid appropriately based on Sedgwick's approval of your leave.

Intermittent Family and Medical Leave

You are responsible for reporting your time to both your manager and Sedgwick. Follow the steps below.

  1. Contact your manager when you need to take FMLA time no later than your normal start time. You or your manager must record any partial leave time taken in the Time and Labor database. This applies whether you are an exempt or non-exempt crew member. Note: Time and Labor will not allow you to submit time if a Leave Request PCN has not been completed to place you on leave.
  2. Call Sedgwick's Absence Reporting Line. Report all intermittent absences by calling the new Absence Reporting Line at 800-495-2310 and selecting the Add more time option.
This policy is not intended to create a contract of employment between the crew member and Vanguard, and is subject to modification or discontinuation at any time at the sole discretion of the company. If there are inconsistencies between any plan documents and this policy, the plan documents will control.