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The Vanguard Group

Family and Medical Leave Act Policy

Last updated: 22 Jul 2010  BenefitsMailbox, Ext. 34BEN or 800-407-8576

Limitations on reinstatement

You are entitled to reinstatement only if you would have continued to be employed had FMLA leave not been taken. That is, you are not entitled to reinstatement if—because of a layoff, reduction in force, or other reason—you would not be employed at the time job restoration is sought.

Vanguard can deny reinstatement of certain highly compensated crew members if doing so prevents substantial and grievous economic injury to Vanguard's operations— according to applicable regulations.

This policy is not intended to create a contract of employment between the crew member and Vanguard, and is subject to modification or discontinuation at any time at the sole discretion of the company. If there are inconsistencies between any plan documents and this policy, the plan documents will control.