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Changing your personal information

Last updated: 01 Oct 2013  BenefitsMailbox, Ext. 34BEN or 800-407-8576

If you experience a life event and need to change your name or other personal information, remember to keep Vanguard records current.

Update your crew member information

  • Crew Self Service: Go to Crew Self Service to update your name, marital status, address, home e-mail address, emergency contact, and phone number. When these changes are completed, they will also reflect on the Vanguard Retirement and Savings Plan.
  • Payroll Services: Complete the Additional Personal Information Change Form to update your name, Social Security number, marital status, taxing township, earned income tax rate, and/or Vanguard work location. When these changes are completed, they will automatically be updated with our external benefits vendors (e.g. Aetna, CVS/Caremark, Delta Dental, Davis Vision).
  • Lotus Notes: To change your Lotus Notes name, see Changing/Recertifying Your Notes User ID.
  • CrewFinder: To change how your name displays on CrewNet, you can edit your profile on Crewfinder by clicking here.
  • Audix voice mail system: Change your name (system greeting) on the Audix voice mail system by selecting option 5 from the main activity menu. Follow the voice prompts to make the change and press 5 to rerecord your name.
  • Caller ID: You can update your name as it appears on Vanguard's caller ID by submitting a Telecom Service Request.

Inform the Social Security Administration (SSA) of your name change

Because of IRS regulations, Vanguard cannot update names on official documentation, such as W-2 or payroll forms, until you have made the SSA aware of your legal name change.

It's easy to inform the SSA of a name change. File Form SS-5 with your local SSA office. You can also access the form on the SSA's website under Research or by calling 800-772-1213. It usually takes two weeks to have the change verified.

Keep track of your changes

The Name Change Checklist under Take action will help you easily keep track of all the areas with which you need to change your name within Vanguard.

Note: The Compliance Department receives a monthly report from Human Resources detailing any name changes for licensed crew members. Compliance then makes the appropriate changes with FINRA.

Making changes to payroll information

In addition to the above changes, you may want to update your payroll information to reflect your new marital status or bank information.

  • W-4 Tax Withholding form. Payroll calculates the amount of tax to withhold from your pay. Federal income tax is withheld from wages based on marital status and the number of allowances claimed on this form. This will automatically update with the change of personal information. You may also want to specify that an additional dollar amount be withheld. If you would like to review or manually update your W-4 tax withholding information, access the Crew Self Service (Main Menu). From there, navigate to Payroll information, and then W-4 Tax Information
  • Bank information. As a result of a marriage or name change, you may need to add or modify your bank accounts to indicate allocations from your Vanguard paystub. This includes making necessary changes to your direct deposit information.

Updating your Vanguard retail accounts

If you have personal Vanguard accounts, you can change your name on your accounts by downloading the Name Change Form from vanguard.com.

To access this form:

  • Go to vanguard.com.
  • Go to the Personal Investors site.
  • Click Forms in the upper-right corner of the Personal Investors homepage.
  • Under the Update your account section, select Correct your name.
  • Click View and Print next to the appropriate form to update your name.

To update your address on a Vanguard retail account:

  • Go to vanguard.com.
  • Go to the Personal Investors site.
  • Logon with your user name and password.
  • Under My Accounts, click Account Maintenance.
  • Under the Personal Profile section, select Address and phone.
  • Click Edit address and phone information for the appropriate accounts.

Note: You must update your Vanguard Retirement and Savings Plan account by updating your records on Crew Self Service rather than on vanguard.com. Crew account records are automatically updated roughly two weeks after you have changed your information on Crew Self Service.