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Fitness center memberships at a discount

Last updated: 04 Mar 2014  BenefitsMailbox, Ext. 34BEN or 800-407-8576

ShipShape has negotiated membership rates to local fitness and athletic clubs for Vanguard crew members and contractors. See below for both a list of clubs that participate through payroll deduction and those that offer independent discounts.

Memberships through payroll deduction

To join one of these clubs in Pennsylvania and receive the discount, visit Crew Self Service and simply click the Register for Payroll deduction button, then follow the prompts. For more detailed instructions, see How to join ShipShape or a preferred gym under Take action.

Within 24 hours your selected facility will be notified of your membership. You will then need to complete any paperwork for your selection at the facility itself.

Payroll deduction will begin the first full month after your registration. For example, if you register for a facility on the first of the month, your payroll deduction will begin with the last paycheck of the same month. If you register on any date after the first of the month, your payroll deduction will begin the last paycheck of the following month.

Fitness center Monthly rate
ACAC Fitness and Wellness Center (West Chester) $76.95 per person ($70.45 fitness club only)
$129.95 per couple ($120.95 fitness club only)
$174.95 per family ($158.95 family fitness club only)
Berwyn Squash and Fitness $78.75 per person ($40.50 fitness club only, or $33 before 4 p.m.)
$112.50 per family ($70.50 fitness club only, or $55.50 before 4 p.m.)
Ignite Performance Training (West Chester) $39.99 per person
Club La Maison (Radnor) $50 per person
Upper Main Line YMCA $68 per person
$45.90 per young adult (18–28)
$107.95 per family
Lionville, Eagleview, Great comValley YMCA $37.40 per young adult (18–28)
$53.98 per person
$80.75 per couple
$87.55 per family
Eagleview YMCA exclusively (Exton) $33.15 per person
$59.50 per couple
Great Valley YMCA exclusively (Malvern) $35.70 per person
$62.05 per couple
CrossFit Inspire $99 per person

Call CrossFit Inspire at 484-643-0109 for details about family and/or child memberships.
CrossFit Valley Forge $99 per person

Independent discounts

Vanguard has negotiated membership discounts independently with the following local clubs in Arizona, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Please contact the club directly to inquire about the discounted rates. When you call or visit one of these locations, mention you are a Vanguard employee and have them walk you through the process of signing up with the discount.

Fitness center Contact information
Gold's Gym (numerous Valley locations) Trent Kay, tkay@goldsgymclubs.com: 480-661-1022
La Camarilla (Scottsdale) Roger: 480-998-3388
Premier Fitness Systems (Scottsdale) Keryn: 480-245-7082
Yoga Village (Scottsdale and Fountain Hills) Barb Adams: 480-905-8801
Fitness by Andrew (Scottsdale) Andrew Fodge: 480-477-6341
Off the Grid Fitness: North Scottsdale's only green gym Eric Guillenminault: 480-483-0184
One Love Yoga at Grayhawk Margot Meissner 480-513-9642
Maximum Fitness Wes Babcock: 480-248-6534

North Carolina
Fitness center Contact information
Flex+Fit 980-219-8425, spatel@flexandfit.com

Fitness center Contact information
Fairmount Athletic Club (King of Prussia) 610-992-1004
Philadelphia Sports Club (Radnor) 215-564-5424, Ext. 201
Gold's Gym (Exton) 610-363-6599
JMB Fitness & Cross Training (Phoenixville) Jen and Mike Brango: 484-202-0010
CrossFit Proven Matt Chambers 484-947-7476
CrossFit Royalty Peter Hellberg: 484-504-9348
Nak Muay Gym (Martial Arts) Eric Crue: 215-622-6725
Freedom Valley YMCA (various locations) Contact individual branches or visit: https://philaymca.org/branches

Aetna Fitness Discount Program

Save on gym memberships, programs, and other products and services that support your healthy lifestyle with the Aetna Fitness Discount Program, offered with services provided by GlobalFit™. Visit the Aetna Navigator website in Take action and search the discounts section for details.

Note: All prices are subject to change.