Coverage for your dependents

Dependent eligibility for FlexCare

Find out who is eligible for coverage as a dependent through Vanguard's FlexCare plans and what documentation is required.

Dependent day care FSA: Overview

Learn how to use a dependent day care FSA to pay for day care expenses for a child or an elder.

Dependent Day Care Subsidy Program

Learn about the subsidy Vanguard provides for dependent day care expenses for crew members who meet eligibility requirements.

Dependent day care FSA: Q&A

View a list of frequently asked questions regarding the dependent day care flexible spending account.

Domestic partner benefits

Learn what steps to take to add a domestic partner and his or her children as dependents on your FlexCare plans.

Domestic partner benefits imputed income

See how the value of health coverage for a domestic partner translates into imputed income for tax purposes.

Spousal life insurance coverage

Research spousal life insurance coverage options available through Vanguard's FlexCare plan.

Dependent child life insurance coverage

Get information about dependent child life insurance coverage offered through Vanguard's FlexCare program.

Benefits for your surviving dependents

Find out what benefits are available to your families and loved ones if you pass away while employed at Vanguard.