Crew members

To register for CrewNet External the first time, you must be logged onto the Vanguard internal network on a Vanguard PC, laptop, or through Citrix. Once logged in, type "go:CrewNetExternal" in the CrewNet search bar and click Search. You will be prompted to log in and send yourself a registration email.

If you do not have access to the Vanguard network or you are having technical difficulties, contact 1CALL for assistance.

Onboarding crew

If you are an onboarding crew member, you will receive a CrewNet External registration email two weeks prior to your start date. If you have questions about the registration process after you have received your registration email, contact Crew Central.

Retired crew

If you are a qualified Vanguard retiree who retired after July 15, 2015, you may continue to use the CrewNet External (formerly CrewConnect) username and password you established while you were a crew member. Qualified Vanguard retirees who retired before July 15, 2015 can contact Crew Central and request a registration email.

Log on to CrewNet External

Vanguard crew members must use their ID and password for CrewNet External (formerly CrewConnect). Your ID and password for logging on to Vanguard's internal network are not valid for this site.

Did you forget your user name or password?

How to register for CrewNet External access

Security reminders

We don't ask for personal information - such as your Social Security number - when you log on.

Don't respond to e-mails or pop-ups requesting personal information.

Use anti-virus software and keep it updated.

To securely end your session, use the Log off link at the top of the page.